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Living through flowers

If flower arranging is often done by Japanese generals because they believe it can help free the mind to make the right decisions on the battlefield, flower arrangement has helped me to free my mind before solving problems or making important decisions in work and life.

I believe that you should be attentive and patient in arranging flowers in silence. This silence helps you to understand the flowers deeply, arrange the beautiful layout and above all respect his connection with nature.

Florists must understand how to manipulate materials so that they promote their inherent beauty. From a natural position, flowers can be moved and placed in a more aesthetically compatible position, or sometimes trimmed to serve as a backdrop for other flowers. I learned this in maintaining and developing relationships: right person, right job, right place. There are flowers that are inherently beautiful, but put in an inappropriate layout such as too confusing or too empty, not only does not honor the beauty of the flower, but also worsens the overall appearance. And sometimes, some flowers will be cut off and used as a background for other flowers.

It can be said that each florists is an installation artist. Therefore, aesthetics and understanding of a harmonious composition will determine the beauty of the work you create. Knowledge (learn from theory), experience (how many hours you practice) and experience (your experience and reflection on life) will be the factors that help you succeed.

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